Sunday, December 4, 2011

Final Project

Blog Post #14

Blog Post #14
I first looked at long list of "Technology and Education Box of Tricks". This is a very long list of things to use. This would be a great thing to look back on when I become a teacher. This way I can find and use these websites in my future classroom. The best part about this website is it gives you links to these other websites to use. Also, these websites are free. This is great for a teacher with a budget.
The next looked at and watch was the video "Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom". I noticed with my Blog Post #12 I listed this as a great video to watch and have an assignment on. I did not go far enough down on the Blog Posts to see if this video was on there. Anyways, I thought this was a great video and it gave great tips on how to use technology in your classroom. This is something future teachers and teachers now can look at and say that is a great idea.  I liked Tip #1, because you never think about using YouTube in a classroom.  Most people just use YouTube to watch a music video or stream other unimportant stuff.  When actually YouTube can be used for educational purposes.

Final PLN Progress Report
My PLN hasn't really changed.  I loved this site, because it was a great and easy way to get to the websites I use everyday. Here goes a link to my PLN: PLN.

C4K Summary 
"Three Things Thursday"
This blog post had a video called CNN Student News.  It was a great video to watch.  I commented on the post saying I had no idea CNN had a weekly segment for Student News, and thanked them for posting this video.
Mrs.Yollis' Class Blog: "The Hero Pumpkin" By: Sean
Sean wrote a great story about a pumpkin name Frank, who becomes a hero.  I commented on how great of a job he done and how I enjoyed reading his story.

C4T Summarized
 I had the privileged to read Mr. Prater blog.  His first post "Engaging in a Process of Formative Assessment" tells about how to properly assess a students progress.  I commented on how a Formative Assessment is a great tool for teachers to use, so the teacher knows if he/she is moving to fast.  On the second post, "College Isn't for Everyone", Mr. Prater talks about how college isn't for everybody.  I commented on how college isn't for everyone, that some people have great jobs and never went to college.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13 and Special Assignment


Blog Post #13 My Teacher Is an App
This article is basically about cyber schools.  It talks about the states that have a cyber school and how many states do not have them.  It explains what a cyber school is and how it works.  It show how some people think this is a great idea and how some people see it as a bad idea.  This article is very educational and shows how far we have evolved with technology.

I am not a big fan of the cyber schools.  I do think it is a good idea for high schools students be required to take one or two courses online so they are better ready for college, but not elementary students.  Kids need to learn socialize at a young age and I don't think using cyber schools help.  Also some students do learn better in a classroom than online.  They can easily ask a teacher for help and the teacher is right their to show them.  I don't think students will be able to get a full education with cyber schools.  Some things are just better learned in the classroom.  Also some students can not afford all the different kinds of of technologies need.  Unless the cost of computers, iPods, and smartphone drop it just isn't a good idea.  We need to think this completely through before deciding on it.

Special Assignment
I think I just completely overlooked the metaphor.  I sometimes overlook the obvious.  I guess I never really so down and really look at something.  I haven't seen any metaphors, or maybe I have overlooked them to.  We can explain to our students what a metaphor is, and tell them to take their time and look at it again to make sure they don't miss anything.  Today educators and the school system expects their students to be able to read at a certain speed, which is not a good idea.  Some students have to read slower than rest.  If we expect our students to be able to read faster than what they can, then a lot of metaphors will be missed.  I think metaphors are way to get you to read something in a different way.  Also I think they are there to challenge the ready, and to make us think outside of the box.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Assignment


First off, I love her blog. She does a great job setting up a classroom blog their are so many things to explore and look at.  I watched the video on How to Comment.  It is a great video to watch if you do not know how to leave a comment.  I also looked at how man visitors she has to her site and it was 75,679  viewers as of November 13, 2011.  That's 20,000+ more than the EDM310 class blog.  I then clicked on Mrs. Yollis' website.  This was a great page to set up, because the student and the parents know what they are doing in the classroom and what homework is due. Also it has games to play and Math help.  I clicked on all of the links that we were suppose to look at, and thought they were all great.  Mrs. Yollis' knows how to set up a good class blog.  I just hope one day I know how to use technology good enough to set up a class blog like her's.  She just done and incredible job.

Blog Post #12

Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in The Classroom

Have Students watch this video and discuss the tips mentioned.  Also, ask the students would they use this tips in their future classroom.

These video had great tips. You can use these tips in you future classroom.  It gives tips on how to use certain video streaming, blogging, podcast, ect. in the classroom.  The podcast would be great to use.  You can record the lecture given that day just in case a student was absent or just needed to hear it again.  This way everybody stays caught up on what is being done.  Also the second tip mentioned was to use music.  This seems like a weird way to use technology in the classroom, but as he mentions you can also use this to your benefit.   His tips are great ones and I think future teachers should watch this video and think about using technology in their future classroom.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post #11

C4K Summarized

Kids With a View
Gina did a video on what a Blog is.  I told her she did a great job on explaining what a blog is.
What is a Blog

Do You Know What Space Junk Is?
Makalita did a blog on Space Junk.  She did this by using a PowerPoint Presentation.  I told her she did great with her PowerPoint Presentation.

Ana Barbara: Why I Write?
Ana discusses the reason why she writes.  I told her she needs to remember that when writing to communicate we use proper grammar.

Ms. Cassidy
Ms. Cassidy loves to use technology in her classroom and I think this is a good idea.  I would like to use blogging in my future classroom.  This way my future students can post what they are doing or leaning about online.  The parents can keep up with their progress and how they are doing in school.  Also my future students can develop better writing skills and till how they are progressing with their writing.  Another thing I would like to use in my future classroom is the Smart Board.  I absolutely love the Smart Board.  I think it is the best technology to use in the classroom.  The Smart Board is an interactive way for students to learn.  The teacher can set up a lesson plan on the Smart Board program and use it in his/her classroom.  The students can use the Smart Board to play games that are educational.  The Smart Board should be used in every classroom.  I love the way Ms. Cassidy incorporates technology in her classroom and the way she uses it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post #10

Do You Teach or Do You Educate
My first dream was to work with animals.  I wanted to be a veterinarian or a Marine Biologist.  I couldn't become a Veterinarian because I couldn't handle putting a animal to sleep or an animal dying on me.  I couldn't become a Marine Biologist because you have to dissect animals.  Then I thought about a Elementary School Teacher.  A teacher can help a student learn about the environment and different types of animal.  Some may ask why not become a Biology Teacher.  That's not what I wanted to do, because I like working with little kids.I hope by educating kids, at a young age, may help them to grow up respecting our environment and the animals to.
 I also don't just want to tell the students to do something and they just do it.  I want them to understand why they are doing it or question the reason they are doing it.  I want them to come up with there ideas.  That is the best way to learn something.  Kids always have great ideas on how to learn something or why something is.  I love listening to these ideas, because they are interesting.  Always remember never to underestimate a kid, because they sometimes know more than you do.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

 He present his argument pretty good.  He makes great points.  Students in low income areas do use their pencils to play with.  Students will doodle and play games like tic tac toe or hang man. We do need to sit down with the parents and students to teach them how to use a pencil properly.  If a students is sitting there and doodling on their piece besides doing their homework and studying, they are not learning anything or getting anything done.  Another point made is that most of the parents work in factory jobs where they don't use pencils, and that is true.

C4T Summarized 

The teacher I was assigned to was Mr. Mike Prater.  On his blog Post What students want us to know, he discusses what students want from their teacher.  Here is the link to his blog:  I commented on his blog saying that teachers do need to listen to their students.  On his blog post Grouping Students for effective learning, is basically about how to group students for better learning, and how not to.  I commented on his blog saying that teachers need to evaluate a student a paritacular area of a subject, besides just as a whole. Here is the link to this blog post:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Post #9

 Mr. Clung Year 2008-2009

Mr. Clung talks about his first year teaching and how he learned.  This advice he gives is very useful , especially for me.  We all need to learn to communicate and listen to our future students, because this way we know what they are having trouble with, we know what we are doing right or wrong, and as he states to help build a better relationship with your students.  We do need to be reasonable and not set our goals to high.  Also as educators we need to continue to learn.  We except our students to learn new things, so why shouldn't we.  I loved the advice he gave, and I will definitely use it in the future.

Mr Clung Year 2010-2011

In this blog post he talks about his third year of teaching and the many new experiences. He states that this is his first experience as head coach, first experience coaching cross country, and first experience as a computer applications teacher.  He gives more advice in this blog.  We do need to know who our boss and that is the students. We should not be so consumed in trying to please everybody else that we forget about the students. I liked how he shows us what to expect in a PD meeting.  People do not get very excited about new things, instead they will mutter "that will never work".  We need to be more optimistic that idea that you think will not will, will mostly likely work.  Remember that saying "don't knock it 'til you try it.   You also don't have to blend in with everybody else.  Like he states, don't be afraid to be an outsider.  I love his blog and his blogs are very great resources to look back on and learn from.

Project #13 Smart Board

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Post #8

The Chipper Series and EDM310 For Dummies

The video Chipper Series is basically a video on how hard we try to get out of work.  This is a great video and sort of funny, and it was also informative. The video EDM310 For Dummies grabbed your attention at the beginning.  It was a great video and was well thought out.  I would like to do a video on how to become a better teacher.  I would use some of the stuff I learned in EDM310 and EDU301.  I would also use some of the ideas I read on other teachers blogs.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

This video is an eye opener on how schools are behind on technology.  I Liked how different people in this this gave their individual view on technology in the school and how it can be beneficial.  Their points and their ideas are great.  I think schools should become more community based so parents can keep up with what their kids are doing in school and how well they are doing in school. Also, schools always depend on the community for donations and schools could get better donations if they set up a website on what their schools are doing and upcoming plays a certain class may be putting on. This way the community can stay involved.

This is how we Dream Part 1 and 2
Part 1 of this video shows how we use the computer for research, writing, reading, and collaborative work.  It is true we rarely use the library anymore for this things.  We usually just go to the library to use the computers they have or for their Wifi.  Future educators need to become aware of this so they can give their students good websites to use for research, how to type properly, what websites to use for reading, and show them how to use Google Docs for their collaborative work.  I personally still like to read the old fashion way.  I have never used devices to read with, unless I use a website for research purposes.

Part 2 of this video had a statement I would like to elaborate on and it is: "We as Educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely."  This is very true.  We use social networking to post what we are doing, what quote we liked, what we are thinking about, what idea just popped into our mind, and what we did that day.  Educators look up ideas on and activity to do in class.  Some educators post what activity they decided to do with their students that day and how well it worked out or even how it didn't work out.  People don't realize how much we post ideas.  Teachers are going to have to become aware of this and use it to their advantage and to help another teacher out.  Remember we learn something new everyday and come up with so many great ideas, why not share them.

Carly Pugh Blog Post #12

First things first, this is a great idea.  This should be a require assignment for EDM310, so we can keep up with videos that helped with our projects and video that discuss the future of the professions that we hope to join.  She comes really close to what Dr. Miller's hopes.  She shares her idea online and freely, and she is using Youtube for research. This was a very well thought out and written blog.

Project #11

Project #12 Book Trailer

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Post #7

Last Lecture
C4T Summarize

I had the opportunity to read Ms. Nancy blog.  In her blog "Am I so Busy Teaching I Forget to Listen", she talks how we tend to be afraid to ask questions.  I commented back on how this is true.  I sometimes am to embarrassed to ask questions, because I don't want to look stupid.  On her blog "I Had Another Idea", she talks about how her students had ideas on giving back, but did not quite know how to do it.  I commented back on how students do have good ideas on how to give back, but do not see how much time and effort goes into giving back.

PLN Summarized

I set up my PLN on Symbaloo.  I added sites I use everyday and sites I use for certain classes.  This seems like a very good way to keep everything organized out, so I am not searching for a particular website.  I added YouTube, GMail, Google, EDM310 blog, my blog, my EDU301 site, my Jaguar Email Account, my MA201 class, ect.  I'm still steadily adding on.

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

This lecture was Randy Pausch's last lecture, hence the name.  He was dignosed with cancer and given three to six months of good health last.  He gives this speech a month after they tell him that he has three to six months to live.  He does get down and do push ups to show the audience he is still in good health for now.  He tells us in the beginning on what he is going to talk about and what he is not going to talk about.

I enjoyed how he told us how he achieved some of his dreams and some he did not.  He shows us how hard it can be to achieve our dreams, but it can be rewarding.  He jumps through hoops to achieve his dream of being in zero gravity, but enjoyed the experience.  Another one of his dreams was to play in the NFL, but he never does.  he talks about the lessons he learned from playing football in college, and that was just as good.

Randy Pausch video is very inspiring to watch and I suggest everybody watch it.  He gives a great speech and has good visual aids.  He also is not afraid to joke around.  Joking around keeps you interested and gives you a good laugh.  This was not the first video I watched of his.  I also watched his video on Time Management and it is also a good speech.  Randy Pausch just has a way with words.

Time Toast Project 2

These are the websites I used for my Timeline:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Networked Student
     This video is about a student in American Psychology.  He attends class three days a week and two days online.  He has at teacher who barely lectures.  He does most of his research and learning online.  He does this by looking at other people's blogs on his subjects and a PLN.  He also uses blogging to get his opinion out there on his subject.
      After watching this video I thought about and then relized Dr. Strange class uses the same concept in his class.  We are required to use blogging for our opinions on assignments, we are required to read other classmates; teachers; and students blog, and ect.  All this can be useful .  By reading another teachers blog we can see what they are doing in their classrooms and as future teachers we can see if we want to incorporate that idea in our classroom.
     A networked students still needs a teacher to help guide them.  I takes time to learn how to use the internet properly and beneficial. I still need to learn how to use blogging and other websites properly before teaching my future students how to use the internet properly.  I have not quite grabbed a hold to blogging properly and doing the PLN, but hopefully I will catch on soon.

Welcome to My PLE
     This student had her PLE set up very nicely.  She keeps it very organized so she knows where everything is at.  She adds websites that. important for school so they are easy to find.  I haven't quite got my PLN set up yet.  I have signed up for it, but am still learning how to use it.  I can possibly use this video to help set up my PLN.

    I had the opportunity to read Anna Kate's,  St. Elmo Explorers', and Carrie's blog.  First blog I read was Anna Kate's.  She talked about wanting to be in a rodeo.  I  wished her luck on her dreams.  The second blog I read was St. Elmo's Explorers'.  This blog had a PowerPoint Presentation with students Letters to Lucy.  I commented on how I enjoyed the PowerPoint and how great of a teach Ms. Lucy must be.  The last blog that I read was Carrie's Visiting Kansas.  She talks about wanting to visit Kansas to see her mom and sister.  I commented by saying she should go, because going to another state can be interesting and she could see how different Kansas is from the current state she is living in.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Post #5

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

     Technology can be very dangerous for young kids, but so can walking out their front door.  Technology is important for kids and they need to learn.  What we need to do so they are protected is monitor what they do online and on the phone.  Parents and teachers can easily back track what website their kids have visited, check phone logs to see who they are talking to, and set up a social networking site they have access to.  It may seem like a lot to do, but in the end its worth it.  Here is a website for a biography on Scoot Mcleod:

The iSchool Initiative.
     This is a short video about a new way to learn.  The iSchool uses the same platform as the iTouch, but can only be used for educational purposes.  Students can use the iSchool for a calculator or read a book.  The iSchool would be monitored by the teacher and parents.  It could save cost and precious renewable resources.
   This seems like a very good idea. Students could have everything they need for school at their fingertips.  They could also easily find a good book to read without having to go to the library.  Saving our planet is a top priority now and days, this product can reduce how much paper we use in schools.  The only down I see is it can possible dwindle job opportunities for librarians and teachers.

Eric Whitacres Virtual Choir- 'Lux Auromque'

     It seems today that the internet can be used for just about anything.  You can play games, watch movies, download music, and set up a virtual choir.  This just goes to show how much the world is changing and how much we can use the internet for.  This is a very interesting video, because I have never before seen a virtual choir.

Teaching In the 21st Century
     Today's students can find anything they want through the internet.  That really you don't need a teacher who teaches just facts.  Today a teacher needs to know how to use technology properly, so they can show their students how to use technology.  This way there we will be a need for them.  They can have their students set up a blog about what they learned that day in class or what they learned on their own. This way the students will remained interested.

Time Toast

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Post #4

Podcast Logo title=

Podcast Collection By: Judy Scharf

     The first website I looked at was Podcast Collection.  It  is a very good website to look at before starting your own podcast.  It gives you some tips on how to make you a podcast successfully.  This is the first thing to look at before starting you podcast.  The most important tip listed, in my opinion, is to allow plenty of time to complete the project.  Besides the tips, this website has topics that include:  Time Schedule for Creating a Podcast,  Suggestions for Podcast Projects, Suggestions for Researching Your Topic, Creating Your Podcast, Using Podbean, Submitting Your Podcast to Itunes, Podcast Grading Sheet, Podcast Rubric, Exemplary Podcast #1, Exemplary Podcast #2, Census Sample, and Number of Siblings.  In conclusion , this website is very helpful for doing your own podcast or if your a teacher a good resource to use in you classroom.

100 Ways to Use Your Ipod to Learn and Study Better

     This website shows 100 ways you can use you Ipod for learning and studying.  I have a Ipod Touch, not the newest one with the camera and Facetime, that I use for music, games, and checking my email.  I never though to use it for studying.  If there is anything on the list you want to take a closer look at one of the tips all you have to do is look at it.  I suggest taking a closer look at #29 Learning Podcasting or just clicking this link:  This link listed can also be used for additional help on your Podcast.

Eagles' Nest Radio & Class Blog

    I decided to take a look at the Eagles' Nest Radio & Class Blog to see how teachers use Podcasting in their classrooms.  I listened to Episode #3 Roamin' with the Ancient Romans.  This was and informative Podcast on the Ancient Romans.  The students sound like they were having fun with this Podcast and had it set up as a newscast, which is very creative.  After listening to this Podcast, it had me thinking about ways it can be incorporated into the classroom and a lesson plan.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

C4T Assignment:
I teach at a "failing" school and you should too
     Mr. Trice blog post was about teaching at a failing school.  A failing school is a school with low financing and low test scores.  He states that it can be rewarding to teach at a failing school.  He has learned from working at these school to treat students as individuals and how important public schools are.
     I posted a comment about how I attended a failing school. I stated how many teachers and principles we went through while I attended.  I also mentioned how our school had an experimental solar power wing, in which the experiment failed, and now we are stuck with classrooms with no doors and make shift walls.  I went on to tell him how teachers like him help with schools like ours.
Collaboration through blogging
     Mr. Trice in this blog talks about blogging in his classroom.  Mr. Trice required his students to set up a blog and use it for school uses.  He talks about the flaws about how he sets up the blogging.  He says he has it to structured so the student do not do the assigned blog and he requires the students to use it to often.  He says he will change it to less structured blogging and one a week.  He says maybe then his students will blog and just not do it.
     I left a comment talking about how blogging in the classroom is a good idea.  Students can communicate all around the world with other students and show them what they are doing in the classroom.  People around the world can also communicate with these students to let them know what is going on in their specific country.

What is Peer Editing
     Peer editing is working with someone your own age to improve, revise, and edit their writing.  The one important rule is to stay positive.  The first thing to do is to compliment the writing.  The second thing is to make suggestions.  The last last thing to do is make corrections.  The things to remember is stay positive, be specific, and complete the three steps mentioned early.
    I think peer editing is a good resource for students to use.  The reason because why is students can get feedback from other students and not just from their teacher.  This way they know what other students think about their blog and also help the peer editor find mistakes they may have in their writings.

It's not About the Technology
     The writer suggests that technology isn't the most important thing in a school system.  He state that teachers need to learn from other teachers and their experience.  Another thing he states is technology is useless without  good teaching.  This point is a very valid point.
     The statement made technology is useless without good teaching is valid because if a teacher does not know how to teach the students about technology, then there is no point in trying to teach it.  The first be able to teach technology in school teachers should know how to use it properly and be able to teach their students how to use it properly.

 Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
     Teachers do need to be more technologically literate.  Now and days everything is done on a computer a computer.  Some school systems require grades to be posted online, these grades are private and only the student can see his/her grade.  Also being able to use PowerPoint Presentation can help a teach emphasize specific points.
     Principals also need to be able to use technology efficiently.  This way can see what's going  on in other schools with a click of a button.  This way they can see if their update with their school criteria or above the rest with the criteria.

Gary's Social Media Count
     First thing that comes to mind is wow.  This site shows how much we use Facebook, watch videos on YouTube  download apps on our Iphones, etc.  This is an insight on how much we depend on technology.  I think everybody should know about this website and view it for themselves.
     Today we depend so much on technology.  We use it to shop, play video games, socialize with friends and family, etc.  This list can go on and on.  This website shows how much we depend on technology and why teachers need to learn more about technology so they can teach their students more about technology.

Google Docs Presentation

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blog Post #2

Do You Know
     This video had some very interesting facts in it.  One of the facts was that there are 200 hundred million Myspace users.  I have a Myspace account that I no longer use because I switched over to Facebook  This has me wondering how many people use Facebook. Does the number of Facebook users exceed the amount uses Myspce.  I decided to look it up and found out that Facebook has 750 million users.
     At the end of the video it asked "So What All Does This Mean".  To me this means that we are entering a future where we depend on social networks to socialize with our friends or professors.  We need to know how to use social networks to be able to communicate.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
     This video is about Mr. Winkle awaking after a hundred years of slumber.  He notices all the changes to the world.  He sees all these new and different machines and becomes overwhelms.  He goes to a hospital and sees machines that keep people alive.
    He finally finds a school that was the same as the one in his time. The students would listen to the teacher lecture and take notes.  In the back of the classroom he saw a dusty computer that nobody was using.  This video shows that some schools aren't up to date on technology and still in the old times.
Ken Robin Says Schools Kill Creativity
     In this video, Ken Robinson talks about education and creativity.  He states that in today's society education is everything and sometimes if you do have a degree doesn't mean you can find a job easily.  This is a troubling thought, because some people work so hard to find a better job but can't. Today a Bachelor's Degree isn't all you need you now need a higher up degree.
     Another point made is as kids age they grow out of creativity and are begin to be afraid of being wrong.  Creativity is very important because creativity helps with new ideas and inventions.  Sometime you also need to be wrong to come up with new ideas.  Always being right is being isn't being creative.
Cecelia Gault
    I think the United States need to step up in education.  It is pretty bad that we have a 25% drop out rate, whereas Finland has a 1% dropout rate.  Our problem is we stress to much on sciences and not enough on art.
    When I become an Elementary Educator.  I would put more art in the classroom.  Doing simple activities like making 3D animal cell structures can be artistic and also a teaching aid.  This can give the students a fun way to learn about an animal cell and make it stick in their minds.  School cannot always be about lectures and book work.
Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts
      Viki Davis is a teacher in rural south Georgia.  She teaches her students how to blog and use Wiki.  She shows them how to use certain program on a computer like terraforming.  She also has her students teach fellow classmates on certain technological features.
    One thing I liked was the Digiteen.  It is pretty interesting how students can blog and talk with other students all over the world.  This is a good website for teens to use so they can tell how cultures around the world are similar and also different from ours.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

About Me and Randy Pausch on Time Management

                My name is Patrica Radford and I was born on November 16, 1988.  I grew up in Huxford, AL.  It is a small farming area outside of Atmore, Alabama.  I graduated from from Jefferson Davis Community College in May 2011 and received an Associates Degree in Sciences (General Studies).  I am currently attending the University of South Alabama, where I am pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  When I graduate from the University of South Alabama I hope to get a teaching job at Huxford Elementary. 
                I have a very supportative family.  My mom and dad have helped me out with finicial support for school.  My mom, JoAnne Radford, is a stay at home mom and my dad, Douglas Radford, is self employed with his own business called Radford Floor Covering.  I also have an younger brother and sister, Clinton and Pamela Radford.   My sister has a 18 month old baby boy named Michael.
                In my past time I like to go four wheeler riding and playing with my newphew Michael.   I love watching Alabama football with my family and friends.  We usually go over to our friends Betty house and watch every single game with her.  It usually gets really loud up there and and always fun.  I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend Cruze.  We have been together since March 7,2008, and enjoy going four  wheeler riding and going to the Alabama football games.  That is a little about me and my family.
                Randy Pausch on Time Management
                I had no idea who Randy Pausch was until watching his video on Time Management. His lecture showed me I needed to plan things out and not procrasinate. I am not going to lie I’ m not the best at managing time.  I do not plan things out, instead I will just do whatever comes to mind that needs to be done.  I’ve learned I need to plan things before doing them so I know I have a enough time to do whatever  needs to be done.   I also have the problem with putting things off till the last minute.  I would rush to get projects done.  This would become a huge problem because I would be tired after doing so much at one time, and sometimes stuff would not get done or would be late.  I learned if I plan things out and not wait till the last minute I most likely wouldn’t stress out about a project or doing other things because I would have a enough time to do them.