Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Post #7

Last Lecture
C4T Summarize

I had the opportunity to read Ms. Nancy blog.  In her blog "Am I so Busy Teaching I Forget to Listen", she talks how we tend to be afraid to ask questions.  I commented back on how this is true.  I sometimes am to embarrassed to ask questions, because I don't want to look stupid.  On her blog "I Had Another Idea", she talks about how her students had ideas on giving back, but did not quite know how to do it.  I commented back on how students do have good ideas on how to give back, but do not see how much time and effort goes into giving back.

PLN Summarized

I set up my PLN on Symbaloo.  I added sites I use everyday and sites I use for certain classes.  This seems like a very good way to keep everything organized out, so I am not searching for a particular website.  I added YouTube, GMail, Google, EDM310 blog, my blog, my EDU301 site, my Jaguar Email Account, my MA201 class, ect.  I'm still steadily adding on.

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

This lecture was Randy Pausch's last lecture, hence the name.  He was dignosed with cancer and given three to six months of good health last.  He gives this speech a month after they tell him that he has three to six months to live.  He does get down and do push ups to show the audience he is still in good health for now.  He tells us in the beginning on what he is going to talk about and what he is not going to talk about.

I enjoyed how he told us how he achieved some of his dreams and some he did not.  He shows us how hard it can be to achieve our dreams, but it can be rewarding.  He jumps through hoops to achieve his dream of being in zero gravity, but enjoyed the experience.  Another one of his dreams was to play in the NFL, but he never does.  he talks about the lessons he learned from playing football in college, and that was just as good.

Randy Pausch video is very inspiring to watch and I suggest everybody watch it.  He gives a great speech and has good visual aids.  He also is not afraid to joke around.  Joking around keeps you interested and gives you a good laugh.  This was not the first video I watched of his.  I also watched his video on Time Management and it is also a good speech.  Randy Pausch just has a way with words.


  1. I agree with you about the PLN. It is very useful and I enjoy using mine. It saves me so much time! I also agree with you about Randy Pausch's video. It was wonderful and he does have a way with words. He has great passion for teaching and helping others. He works hard to achieve his dreams, or come as close as he can. I really enjoyed this assignment.

  2. How much of the lecture did you watch. It does not appear from your comments that you watched the entire lecture.