Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Networked Student
     This video is about a student in American Psychology.  He attends class three days a week and two days online.  He has at teacher who barely lectures.  He does most of his research and learning online.  He does this by looking at other people's blogs on his subjects and a PLN.  He also uses blogging to get his opinion out there on his subject.
      After watching this video I thought about and then relized Dr. Strange class uses the same concept in his class.  We are required to use blogging for our opinions on assignments, we are required to read other classmates; teachers; and students blog, and ect.  All this can be useful .  By reading another teachers blog we can see what they are doing in their classrooms and as future teachers we can see if we want to incorporate that idea in our classroom.
     A networked students still needs a teacher to help guide them.  I takes time to learn how to use the internet properly and beneficial. I still need to learn how to use blogging and other websites properly before teaching my future students how to use the internet properly.  I have not quite grabbed a hold to blogging properly and doing the PLN, but hopefully I will catch on soon.

Welcome to My PLE
     This student had her PLE set up very nicely.  She keeps it very organized so she knows where everything is at.  She adds websites that. important for school so they are easy to find.  I haven't quite got my PLN set up yet.  I have signed up for it, but am still learning how to use it.  I can possibly use this video to help set up my PLN.

    I had the opportunity to read Anna Kate's,  St. Elmo Explorers', and Carrie's blog.  First blog I read was Anna Kate's.  She talked about wanting to be in a rodeo.  I  wished her luck on her dreams.  The second blog I read was St. Elmo's Explorers'.  This blog had a PowerPoint Presentation with students Letters to Lucy.  I commented on how I enjoyed the PowerPoint and how great of a teach Ms. Lucy must be.  The last blog that I read was Carrie's Visiting Kansas.  She talks about wanting to visit Kansas to see her mom and sister.  I commented by saying she should go, because going to another state can be interesting and she could see how different Kansas is from the current state she is living in.

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  1. "and ect." Replace with etc. You do not need the and. You transposed the last two letters in etc.

    "where everything is at. " Remove the at.

    "She adds websites that. important for school so they are easy to find. " Two sentences? Not clear what you intended to say.

    " I have signed up for it," Do you mean Symbaloo? That is one way of organizing your PLN. A PLN is a collection of people and tools that you have at your disposal to help and guide you. If fact, it should primarily be people. And you do not have to use Symbaloo. There are many ways to organize your PLN. Symbaloo works, however.