Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Do You Teach or Do You Educate
My first dream was to work with animals.  I wanted to be a veterinarian or a Marine Biologist.  I couldn't become a Veterinarian because I couldn't handle putting a animal to sleep or an animal dying on me.  I couldn't become a Marine Biologist because you have to dissect animals.  Then I thought about a Elementary School Teacher.  A teacher can help a student learn about the environment and different types of animal.  Some may ask why not become a Biology Teacher.  That's not what I wanted to do, because I like working with little kids.I hope by educating kids, at a young age, may help them to grow up respecting our environment and the animals to.
 I also don't just want to tell the students to do something and they just do it.  I want them to understand why they are doing it or question the reason they are doing it.  I want them to come up with there ideas.  That is the best way to learn something.  Kids always have great ideas on how to learn something or why something is.  I love listening to these ideas, because they are interesting.  Always remember never to underestimate a kid, because they sometimes know more than you do.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

 He present his argument pretty good.  He makes great points.  Students in low income areas do use their pencils to play with.  Students will doodle and play games like tic tac toe or hang man. We do need to sit down with the parents and students to teach them how to use a pencil properly.  If a students is sitting there and doodling on their piece besides doing their homework and studying, they are not learning anything or getting anything done.  Another point made is that most of the parents work in factory jobs where they don't use pencils, and that is true.

C4T Summarized 

The teacher I was assigned to was Mr. Mike Prater.  On his blog Post What students want us to know, he discusses what students want from their teacher.  Here is the link to his blog:  I commented on his blog saying that teachers do need to listen to their students.  On his blog post Grouping Students for effective learning, is basically about how to group students for better learning, and how not to.  I commented on his blog saying that teachers need to evaluate a student a paritacular area of a subject, besides just as a whole. Here is the link to this blog post:

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  1. " I want them to understand why they are doing it or question the reason they are doing it." Right on!

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