Sunday, December 4, 2011

Final Project

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  1. Hello Patricia,

    I love that your group created a screen flow video of some of the highlights of EDM310. It's a great way to be interactive and not simply create a PowerPoint or Google Doc presentation. I can tell from watching y'all navigate between websites and gadgets that y'all have taken a lot from this class.

    However, I do have to correct y'all on one thing. Symbaloo isn't a PLN. A PLN is a personal learning network that consists of the different applications, websites, blogs, and other things that you've found interesting. It is the sites. Symbaloo is just an aggregator that helps to organize your PLN. I'm a huge fan of Symbaloo (actually, the only lab assistant who uses it), but you're not the only people who've been calling Symbaloo a PLN. I guess we must not have made that quite clear enough.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this presentation and I wish y'all the best with your educational endeavors.