Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Post #14

Blog Post #14
I first looked at long list of "Technology and Education Box of Tricks". This is a very long list of things to use. This would be a great thing to look back on when I become a teacher. This way I can find and use these websites in my future classroom. The best part about this website is it gives you links to these other websites to use. Also, these websites are free. This is great for a teacher with a budget.
The next looked at and watch was the video "Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom". I noticed with my Blog Post #12 I listed this as a great video to watch and have an assignment on. I did not go far enough down on the Blog Posts to see if this video was on there. Anyways, I thought this was a great video and it gave great tips on how to use technology in your classroom. This is something future teachers and teachers now can look at and say that is a great idea.  I liked Tip #1, because you never think about using YouTube in a classroom.  Most people just use YouTube to watch a music video or stream other unimportant stuff.  When actually YouTube can be used for educational purposes.

Final PLN Progress Report
My PLN hasn't really changed.  I loved this site, because it was a great and easy way to get to the websites I use everyday. Here goes a link to my PLN: PLN.

C4K Summary 
"Three Things Thursday"
This blog post had a video called CNN Student News.  It was a great video to watch.  I commented on the post saying I had no idea CNN had a weekly segment for Student News, and thanked them for posting this video.
Mrs.Yollis' Class Blog: "The Hero Pumpkin" By: Sean
Sean wrote a great story about a pumpkin name Frank, who becomes a hero.  I commented on how great of a job he done and how I enjoyed reading his story.

C4T Summarized
 I had the privileged to read Mr. Prater blog.  His first post "Engaging in a Process of Formative Assessment" tells about how to properly assess a students progress.  I commented on how a Formative Assessment is a great tool for teachers to use, so the teacher knows if he/she is moving to fast.  On the second post, "College Isn't for Everyone", Mr. Prater talks about how college isn't for everybody.  I commented on how college isn't for everyone, that some people have great jobs and never went to college.

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