Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #12

Top Ten Tips for Using Technology in The Classroom

Have Students watch this video and discuss the tips mentioned.  Also, ask the students would they use this tips in their future classroom.

These video had great tips. You can use these tips in you future classroom.  It gives tips on how to use certain video streaming, blogging, podcast, ect. in the classroom.  The podcast would be great to use.  You can record the lecture given that day just in case a student was absent or just needed to hear it again.  This way everybody stays caught up on what is being done.  Also the second tip mentioned was to use music.  This seems like a weird way to use technology in the classroom, but as he mentions you can also use this to your benefit.   His tips are great ones and I think future teachers should watch this video and think about using technology in their future classroom.

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