Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Post #13 and Special Assignment


Blog Post #13 My Teacher Is an App
This article is basically about cyber schools.  It talks about the states that have a cyber school and how many states do not have them.  It explains what a cyber school is and how it works.  It show how some people think this is a great idea and how some people see it as a bad idea.  This article is very educational and shows how far we have evolved with technology.

I am not a big fan of the cyber schools.  I do think it is a good idea for high schools students be required to take one or two courses online so they are better ready for college, but not elementary students.  Kids need to learn socialize at a young age and I don't think using cyber schools help.  Also some students do learn better in a classroom than online.  They can easily ask a teacher for help and the teacher is right their to show them.  I don't think students will be able to get a full education with cyber schools.  Some things are just better learned in the classroom.  Also some students can not afford all the different kinds of of technologies need.  Unless the cost of computers, iPods, and smartphone drop it just isn't a good idea.  We need to think this completely through before deciding on it.

Special Assignment
I think I just completely overlooked the metaphor.  I sometimes overlook the obvious.  I guess I never really so down and really look at something.  I haven't seen any metaphors, or maybe I have overlooked them to.  We can explain to our students what a metaphor is, and tell them to take their time and look at it again to make sure they don't miss anything.  Today educators and the school system expects their students to be able to read at a certain speed, which is not a good idea.  Some students have to read slower than rest.  If we expect our students to be able to read faster than what they can, then a lot of metaphors will be missed.  I think metaphors are way to get you to read something in a different way.  Also I think they are there to challenge the ready, and to make us think outside of the box.

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