Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Assignment


First off, I love her blog. She does a great job setting up a classroom blog their are so many things to explore and look at.  I watched the video on How to Comment.  It is a great video to watch if you do not know how to leave a comment.  I also looked at how man visitors she has to her site and it was 75,679  viewers as of November 13, 2011.  That's 20,000+ more than the EDM310 class blog.  I then clicked on Mrs. Yollis' website.  This was a great page to set up, because the student and the parents know what they are doing in the classroom and what homework is due. Also it has games to play and Math help.  I clicked on all of the links that we were suppose to look at, and thought they were all great.  Mrs. Yollis' knows how to set up a good class blog.  I just hope one day I know how to use technology good enough to set up a class blog like her's.  She just done and incredible job.


  1. Hey Patricia, my name is Faun. Mrs. Yollis has really got it together as a teacher. You made some really great points about her website. I love the fact that students and teachers have access to assignments outside of the classroom. You just have a few spelling and grammatical errors in this post. "Their" in the second sentence should be "there," and "How To Comment" needs to be in parenthesis. The last sentence, "She just done and incredible job," needs to be "She did an incredible job." I would suggest proofreading all of your posts before publishing them. My spelling can have errors if I am typing in a hurry, so I always use spellcheck before I submit anything. So you could try that as well. You go girl!

  2. Hello I would like to say this is a great post and agree with Faun. The only thing i would like to correct is that at the beginning of the post state who you are talking about. Just remember that people outside of our class can see this blog so it would make it more clear at the beginning of the post.