Sunday, August 28, 2011

About Me and Randy Pausch on Time Management

                My name is Patrica Radford and I was born on November 16, 1988.  I grew up in Huxford, AL.  It is a small farming area outside of Atmore, Alabama.  I graduated from from Jefferson Davis Community College in May 2011 and received an Associates Degree in Sciences (General Studies).  I am currently attending the University of South Alabama, where I am pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  When I graduate from the University of South Alabama I hope to get a teaching job at Huxford Elementary. 
                I have a very supportative family.  My mom and dad have helped me out with finicial support for school.  My mom, JoAnne Radford, is a stay at home mom and my dad, Douglas Radford, is self employed with his own business called Radford Floor Covering.  I also have an younger brother and sister, Clinton and Pamela Radford.   My sister has a 18 month old baby boy named Michael.
                In my past time I like to go four wheeler riding and playing with my newphew Michael.   I love watching Alabama football with my family and friends.  We usually go over to our friends Betty house and watch every single game with her.  It usually gets really loud up there and and always fun.  I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend Cruze.  We have been together since March 7,2008, and enjoy going four  wheeler riding and going to the Alabama football games.  That is a little about me and my family.
                Randy Pausch on Time Management
                I had no idea who Randy Pausch was until watching his video on Time Management. His lecture showed me I needed to plan things out and not procrasinate. I am not going to lie I’ m not the best at managing time.  I do not plan things out, instead I will just do whatever comes to mind that needs to be done.  I’ve learned I need to plan things before doing them so I know I have a enough time to do whatever  needs to be done.   I also have the problem with putting things off till the last minute.  I would rush to get projects done.  This would become a huge problem because I would be tired after doing so much at one time, and sometimes stuff would not get done or would be late.  I learned if I plan things out and not wait till the last minute I most likely wouldn’t stress out about a project or doing other things because I would have a enough time to do them.


  1. Four wheelers and Alabama football. An interesting combination.

    Did you search to find information about Dr. Pausch?

  2. Hello Patricia,

    I enjoyed Mr. Pausch's video on time management also. I think you and I are just alike when it comes to time management. I too find myself doing things as I go on with my day instead of planning. Mr. Pausch made some really good points of how to stay on track. The one that inspired me the most was, to do the ugliest thing first.

    There are a few interesting things out there about Mr. Pausch. Do a little research and you will be surprised.

  3. Yes I did research Mr. Pausch after the video to see who he was. He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Here is a link of his biography that I read.