Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Post #3

C4T Assignment:
I teach at a "failing" school and you should too
     Mr. Trice blog post was about teaching at a failing school.  A failing school is a school with low financing and low test scores.  He states that it can be rewarding to teach at a failing school.  He has learned from working at these school to treat students as individuals and how important public schools are.
     I posted a comment about how I attended a failing school. I stated how many teachers and principles we went through while I attended.  I also mentioned how our school had an experimental solar power wing, in which the experiment failed, and now we are stuck with classrooms with no doors and make shift walls.  I went on to tell him how teachers like him help with schools like ours.
Collaboration through blogging
     Mr. Trice in this blog talks about blogging in his classroom.  Mr. Trice required his students to set up a blog and use it for school uses.  He talks about the flaws about how he sets up the blogging.  He says he has it to structured so the student do not do the assigned blog and he requires the students to use it to often.  He says he will change it to less structured blogging and one a week.  He says maybe then his students will blog and just not do it.
     I left a comment talking about how blogging in the classroom is a good idea.  Students can communicate all around the world with other students and show them what they are doing in the classroom.  People around the world can also communicate with these students to let them know what is going on in their specific country.

What is Peer Editing
     Peer editing is working with someone your own age to improve, revise, and edit their writing.  The one important rule is to stay positive.  The first thing to do is to compliment the writing.  The second thing is to make suggestions.  The last last thing to do is make corrections.  The things to remember is stay positive, be specific, and complete the three steps mentioned early.
    I think peer editing is a good resource for students to use.  The reason because why is students can get feedback from other students and not just from their teacher.  This way they know what other students think about their blog and also help the peer editor find mistakes they may have in their writings.

It's not About the Technology
     The writer suggests that technology isn't the most important thing in a school system.  He state that teachers need to learn from other teachers and their experience.  Another thing he states is technology is useless without  good teaching.  This point is a very valid point.
     The statement made technology is useless without good teaching is valid because if a teacher does not know how to teach the students about technology, then there is no point in trying to teach it.  The first be able to teach technology in school teachers should know how to use it properly and be able to teach their students how to use it properly.

 Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
     Teachers do need to be more technologically literate.  Now and days everything is done on a computer a computer.  Some school systems require grades to be posted online, these grades are private and only the student can see his/her grade.  Also being able to use PowerPoint Presentation can help a teach emphasize specific points.
     Principals also need to be able to use technology efficiently.  This way can see what's going  on in other schools with a click of a button.  This way they can see if their update with their school criteria or above the rest with the criteria.

Gary's Social Media Count
     First thing that comes to mind is wow.  This site shows how much we use Facebook, watch videos on YouTube  download apps on our Iphones, etc.  This is an insight on how much we depend on technology.  I think everybody should know about this website and view it for themselves.
     Today we depend so much on technology.  We use it to shop, play video games, socialize with friends and family, etc.  This list can go on and on.  This website shows how much we depend on technology and why teachers need to learn more about technology so they can teach their students more about technology.

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  1. Patricia,
    You made a lot of points which I definitely agree with! However, I would like to suggest that you try typing the your draft of your post in Microsoft Word first to catch a few errors before copying and then pasting what you have written into Blogger. Second, I think it would also be helpful to read what you have read aloud as this will also help you weed out small errors in wording like: "The first be able to teach technology in school teachers should know how to use it properly.." It is not quite clear what you are trying to say with this sentence and reading it aloud might lead to better word choice. If you have any questions I will be in the lab on Monday to answer them! :)